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There are “jack of all trades” and then there are those that have cultivated their craft so finely that they completely dominate an industry. The world was first introduced to Strong Automotive Merchandising 40 years ago. Today, it’s the industry leader for all things automotive from TV production to media buying to digital advertising and branding.


A commitment to building something as withstanding as Strong Automotive Merchandising (SAM) takes time – four decades to be exact. It started with a vision from Mike Strong in 1977 to create an agency that solely focused on driving traffic for car dealerships. As markets and trends changed through the years, one thing remained the same:


SAM’s ability to produce the best possible product for dealers and ultimately drive traffic to their stores.


John Paul Strong is at the helm today and has led SAM into the digital age of marketing. With over 80 full-time employees and several hundred clients all over the country, SAM is now the leading automotive agency in the nation.

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The biggest testament to the success of Strong Automotive Merchandising over the last half of the century is its ability to endure such a tumultuous industry and to retain so many full-time employees as well as clients. What began as a small company of seven people has now burgeoned to 10 times that size. Our ever growing staff is complimented by an ever-growing list of clients from Connecticut to California. Our roots are in Birmingham, Alabama but we have offices all over the U.S. from North Carolina to New York. Our Account Executives have the ability to be at a dealer’s office within 24 hours notice anywhere in the nation thanks to Strong Air, our own company jet.

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To say that SAM has the best creative and knowledgeable minds in the business is an understatement. We’ve masterfully harnessed a sweet combination of experienced automotive veterans and young bright minds. Mike and John Paul StrongThis collaboration is unstoppable when it comes to developing the latest trends and creating a cutting-edge product. We’ve managed to retain a high majority of our clients because of our employees’ ability to meet and exceed their wildest expectations.


We’ve grown fast and furiously over the years and encountered many changes along the way, but have never lost touch with our original mission. Strong Automotive Merchandising will continue to grow and be successful as we drive traffic to dealerships.

We’re on our way to another successful 40 fast years in the automotive business.