Lots of Little Extras

“We have massages on Tuesdays, manicures on Wednesdays, and a yoga instructor that comes on Fridays.”

Casey Quattlebaum – Senior Media Buyer

Strong believes that a best place to work isn’t defined just by a paycheck or allotment of vacation days. It’s also about fostering a workplace culture that stimulates creativity and provides unique perks other companies don’t typically offer.



Strengthening Skills & Knowledge

“One of my favorites is the constant push for continuous education. Whether it be going out to conferences or finding online training.”

Will Giuliani – Motion Graphics Designer

Strong Automotive Merchandising actively encourages and facilitates career growth opportunities for staff members. In recent years, employees were provided an opportunity to travel nationwide for conferences at NAB in Las Vegas and Google Offices in New York City.



Great People – Great Perks

“I think one of the things you see when you work here at Strong is they hire really good people.”

Dennis Johnson – Senior Copywriter

Great employees deserve great rewards for their efforts and Strong thoroughly embraces this philosophy in a variety of ways. In addition to annual Christmas bonuses, the agency also provides employees with a gift catalog to choose from an available list of items like iPhones, laptops, cooking classes, and other unique gifts.

Employee appreciation month with an event, gift or meal every day, Have It Your Way Day with a $100 cash bonus and a pantry stocked with healthy snacks are just a few of the other perks agency employees enjoy.



High Fives All Around

“When I saw that, I was like – wow – I want to work at a company like this.”

Zac Cook – Data Analyst

Strong encourages employees to recognize their peers via a “Shout-Out” program that rewards teamwork and camaraderie. Every month, each Shout-Out recipient receives a cash bonus and is recognized for their achievement in a gathering of all agency personnel.



Good Vibrations

“There’s so many different kinds of people that work here, yet we all rally around the same cause and treat each other like family.”

Luke Thomas – Public Relations Specialist

With over 200% growth in the past five years, our employees create the positive dynamic within the agency, but Strong helps with “set and setting” by employing contemporary décor in the office. Walls are painted an invigorating green and accentuated with artistic styled graffiti and paintings. Giant flat-screen monitors are also scattered throughout the office with serene nature settings and vibrant color displays.



Expanding Horizons

“It’s really cool to see all the different departments interacting on a day to day basis and how anyone is willing to help and support anyone when they need it.”

Emily Quintana – Media Assistant

Strong encourages agency employees to break out of their “bubble” and engage those who may work in other departments through company-sponsored events at local breweries, parks, and sporting events.

An agency-wide training initiative was also implemented in 2017 where each department hosted a brief session to explain their role and responsibility in the business. This served to not only educate others on what each department specifically does, but also helped employees get to know people outside their immediate area.