It’s Not Your Kids’ Facebook Account

Social media marketing in Automotive

Last month, while traveling in New Jersey, I stopped at a McDonald’s for a “healthy” power lunch. Car guys and girls know the type: that…

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Automotive SEO Checklist

Don't Get Hosed by Bad SEO Service

For an automotive dealer, SEO (search engine optimization) can still be a bit of an unknown. Dealers realize SEO is needed, but too many don’t fully grasp…

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May Newsletter – The New Dealership Brag Book

The New Dealershuip Brag Book

It would be very difficult to walk through a dealership today and find a hard copy of the dealership’s “brag book” lying around on a…

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How Dealers Can Succeed with Social Marketing

Social media is not social marketing

For a lot of automotive dealers, social media marketing can make them feel this way. It can seem like a necessary evil. For good reason. The…

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April Newsletter – Creating a Social Community

  Ever since attending management classes last year at Harvard Business School, I have read every article that it has published about social media and…

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