Web Video Marketing | Full Steam Ahead for the Future

Video Advertising

According to a study by Cisco, by 2019, video will represent over 80% of all internet traffic. For the United States, the number comes in…

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December Newsletter – Understanding YouTube Advertising

December 8, 2015 / Automotive, Featured, Internet, Web / 0 Comments /

If you are new to advertising on YouTube or other video sources, a lot of the metrics can seem like complicated jargon. While many advertisers…

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Are True Car or other 3rd Party Referrals Worth It? – An Editorial

An editorial from Guest Blogger: Scott Rossi In my role at Strong as VP of Digital Services, I pride myself on being informed. As a…

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10 Improvements to Your Website and E-commerce

Website improvement - Strong Automotive

Phone training is more important now than ever due to the increase in mobile site traffic generating more phone calls to dealerships. Your website must…

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How Americans Will Spend Their Tax Refund

January 6, 2014 / Automotive, Web /
Money Roll - Strong Automotive

Interesting to see how a survey says that Americans are going to spend their tax refund money. Much to my surprise, as well as the…

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