Full Service Agency vs Solution Agency

Full Service Agency

When I go to the doctor for a regular checkup, I go to my primary care doctor. In the current medical insurance climate, I’d be…

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Happy Thanksgiving

Strong Thanksgiving

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is it’s a holiday that gives you time to reflect – remembering and reflecting on the things that you are…

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How Do You Accelerate Your Platform?

Accelerate Your Platform

Like all companies, we strive to keep our employees motivated.  The most recent component was having Mike Strong come into our studio and share his…

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Concentrate & Dominate 2016

January 22, 2016 / Featured, Inspiration, Sales / 0 Comments /
Dominate Goals

A dealer once told me that he goes into his office at 5 a.m. on New Year’s Day every year by himself and thinks for…

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A New Look at Used Cars: part 1

October 15, 2012 / Advertising, Inspiration, Strong, Web / 0 Comments /

[wpvideo DKADfSF3] This is the introduction to a series of commentaries on Used Cars and it comes from a real-life experience that some might not…

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