Winter’s Back Says the Almanac

Car problems

Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather while you can, because the Farmer’s Almanac 2017 sums up its forecast with this heading: “Old Man Winter’s Back!” One…

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The Conquest Marketing Guide

A couple of years ago we wrote a post about conquest marketing, and there has been so much interest in the subject, we decided to…

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Stop The Problems Before They Start

I saw this today in one of our Toyota dealerships and felt compelled to share. I’ve noticed over the years how this dealership has very…

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Biggest Service Opportunity in a Decade? Survey Says!

  Not only does Memorial Day come early this year, the travel group AAA has predicted some 37 million Americans will travel 50 miles or…

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Half Priced Service Saturdays


So here is the first free service tip for the month of March. I was in a dealership today that discounts service at half price…

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