May Newsletter – The New Dealership Brag Book

The New Dealershuip Brag Book

It would be very difficult to walk through a dealership today and find a hard copy of the dealership’s “brag book” lying around on a…

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How Dealers Can Succeed with Social Marketing

Social media is not social marketing

For a lot of automotive dealers, social media marketing can make them feel this way. It can seem like a necessary evil. For good reason. The…

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April Newsletter – Creating a Social Community

  Ever since attending management classes last year at Harvard Business School, I have read every article that it has published about social media and…

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2016 Actionable Automotive Digital Marketing To Do List

2016 Automotive Digital Marketing To Do List

We’ve created a 2016 automotive digital marketing list of five useful, actionable and effective tips you can start using tomorrow. The best part is, you…

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2015 Digital Marketing Survival Guide

2015 Digital Survival Guide from Strong Automotive

In planning your dealership marketing strategy, here are six opportunities for 2015 to help you improve your overall digital strategy, help you get more traffic…

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