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 If you’re looking to generate the highest level of quality traffic for your store then Strong Automotive Merchandising is the solution. From custom built maps to graphics, Strong’s creative limits are infinite.

Strong Automotive Merchandising has the in-house capability to write, direct, edit and produce commercials giving clients no limits on creativity. From custom animation to theme graphics to on-camera talent, we can do it all. We use highly effective visual devices within our theme spots as “attention-getters.” These devices also are used throughout all forms of advertising to create continuity within a campaign. Great detail and strategic planning go into every carefully placed graphic within a broadcast spot to generate traffic to your store.

Broadcast Design

All Strong Automotive Merchandising production is in-house and when the factory comes down with a last-minute incentive or special offer announcement, we can react immediately to make sure it’s included in your message.

The broadcast design team has a background in retail automotive production and combines nearly 150 years of experience with the latest in technology.

In the last 48 months we have produced 4,438 TV spots and 2,648 radio spots – that’s more than 7,000 commercials in only four years. The most astounding thing about our monthly volume of production is that the bulk of it is completed in the first 10 business days of each month.

Graphic Design

Creating aesthetically pleasing graphics and artwork is only effective if it drives traffic to stores and yields the best possible results, and that’s exactly why dealers choose Strong Automotive Merchandising.

Our seasoned graphics team has nearly 75 years of combined experience and produces more than 10,000 print and digital ads every year from newspaper to web to dealership collateral. All graphics and design produced by Strong get to the core message. Major aspects are enlarged and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, i.e., vehicles and price.

With Strong Automotive Merchandising, clients receive a tailored campaign to make an effective automotive statement.

Take the first step in dominating your market, give us a call or contact us below today. We’ll walk you through every important element of your current strategy and tell you how to take it to the next level.