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Paid search is the only advertising medium on the planet that allows you to answer questions about your products and services in real time.

Perfect Match PPC is exactly what it sounds like: a perfect match between the search, the ad and the landing page.


How do we outperform the industry?

The paid search landscape is getting more and more competitive every day. If you want to win, you will need an advantage over your competition. That is where our team of paid search experts steps in for you.

We use perfect match ad groups, containing primarily exact match keywords based directly from real search queries in your targeted geography.

We incorporated this with the idea of serving better targeted ads to match our consumers’ searches for specific vehicle trims, body styles, and even colors.

In the end, the implementation of exact match ad groups have resulted in more traffic at better than industry costs and click thru rates. If you want to make the most of every dollar you spend in paid search, contact us today.

These are the elements for paid search success:

Primary Research: Keyword analysis, competitive reviews and market research are the foundation of the strategy.

Ongoing Keyword and Traffic Research: Understanding user intent and how they interact with your site allows us to make positive adjustments to increase engagement and conversions.

Dedicated Paid Search Managers: While automation can help make things easier, nothing can substitute for the human element. Creating a successful paid search campaign hinges on balance, and it takes a certified paid search expert to maximize your ROI.

Conversion Optimization: Traffic increases are just the first step; creating a funnel to increase contacts and appointments is the end goal.

Weekly and Monthly Reports: Having a better understanding of your past web activity and your current web traffic provide clarity for your future direction.

You can read our news and ideas on paid search, or watch this video to learn more about our perspective and some of the techniques we use to increase PPC ROI.

We will do a complete audit of your website and digital marketing campaign. Then we’ll walk you through every important element of your current strategy to show you the opportunities and discuss the next steps and tell you how to create a profitable traffic funnel.

Take the first step in dominating your market, give us a call or email us today.