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Florida Chevrolet Dealership Sees 230% Increase in Website Conversion Rates


Hendrick Chevrolet is located in Naples, Florida. Naples is a well-educated, affluent market where a high-performing website is critical to success.


Hendrick Chevrolet of Naples (HCN) was not sufficiently converting traffic on its website. Increasing conversion rates can save you money on ad spend. Increasing leads is easier than increasing sales and can increase the efficiency of traffic. STRONG’s primary challenge was to get HCN’s website performing


Using STRONG’s proprietary website audit process, several areas for improvement were identified:


  • Update homepage layout to clearly show header, offers, and search function
  • Update or remove “Check Out Our Reviews” graphic and link
  • Simplify navigation – especially submenus – so users can easily find the pages they’re looking for
  • Make sure all CTA buttons on inventories are clear for users
  • Revamp model research pages to be more visually engaging
  • Link to Value Your Trade service to increase leads


STRONG carefully reviewed sales history to target the most important zip codes. We used bid modifiers to place those as premiums for our keyword bids. STRONG worked with Google and Hendrick corporate to experiment with the latest advances in search ads. STRONG restructured HCN’s campaigns to carefully target the customers at the moment they were most likely to convert. History was reviewed to see exactly which models, search terms, and zip codes were the most likely to convert and increased the bids for those specific terms.


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