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Winning Over Four Target Groups: The Marketing Strategy of Safford Hyundai


Safford Hyundai of Springfield was a relatively new point when they came to us and were struggling with consistency. The bottom line – they weren’t making any money. We put together a full-scale strategy to include a wide range of digital and social marketing combined with a consistent cable TV presence and owner body communication. STRONG then submitted a co-op request to Hyundai for additional funds in support of the plan.


  • Springfield and surrounding communities are affluent areas with
    median HHI near $100,000.
  • The majority (62%) of households that own new vehicles purchased them at dealerships located within 20 miles of their homes. Thirty-six percent bought them within 10 miles of their homes.
  • 41,356 ethnic Koreans live in Fairfax County, VA, making up 62% of Koreans in all of Virginia.
  • 146,272 identify as Hispanic or Latino but not Mexican, Puerto Rican or Cuban. These people cluster in Springfield and the periphery of Fairfax County.
  • People ages 55 to 64 have the highest probability of buying a new vehicle compared to other age groups


A multi-level strategy was required. Safford Hyundai of Springfield is located within the Washington DC DMA, a very expensive media market. The marketing plan would need to be strategic and diverse, and capable of appealing to 4 distinct target groups:

  • Upscale Younger Families
  • Upscale Older Families
  • Upscale Koreans
  • Hispanics


Within the first 6 months of our partnership, they were turning a monthly profit. Fast forward to our second year together, and they will more than double total profits from the previous year.

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