5 More Ways Local Sponsorships Can Help Your Business

Community Sponsorship

You don’t have to stop at asking for a link to your website. Here are five more ways you can see a return on your dealership’s charitable donation!

  1. Link on Social Media – Ask the organization to mention your sponsorship on its social media outlets. A mention on an organization’s Facebook profile can lead people to your profile and help build the customer base. Not-for-profit organizations have large social media followings that can help promote your good deed.
  2. Public Relation Opportunity – Sending out a press release announcing a new sponsorship is a good way to get the word out to your community. Strong Automotive Merchandising can help you draft a press release announcing a new sponsorship. The sponsored will also appreciate any extra publicity for its event or organization.
  3. Website Sponsorship Page – Your website should have an up-to-date page letting visitors know how involved your dealership is in the community. Our digital team can help you build a simple page listing out who and what you sponsor. This page can also give the sponsored a good reciprocal link to its website.
  4. Sponsorship E-mail – A bimonthly email to your existing customer base announcing your new sponsorships is an opportunity to get in front of your customers. You can use this email to let them know that your dealership is still involved in the community after their purchase.
  5. Discounts for Sponsorships – Sponsorships are a great way to attract customers who might not have considered you before. Offering an incentive through the sponsored organization is a way to create new business through your sponsorship.

About the author

John Paul Strong: For 15 years he has worked solely at the dealer marketing level and has mastered all necessary skills to lead the company in the digital, traditional and direct contact forms of media. The last 12 years have been spent strictly working at the Tier 3 level growing the company to 70 employees and over 125 successful dealers nationwide. Strong works hands-on with most clients and has played a leadership role in all dealerships the company handles. His focus is to insure the traffic created is immediate and measured in car sales for clients. Both employees and clients find his attitude and attention to their business infectious and energizing. Strong is a nationally recognized speaker in the automotive industry, has authored two books on creating next day traffic and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s program on Executive Service Firms. He is also a firm believer that “attitude is everything” and that there is only minimal space between being good and being exceptional. Strong earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the University of Montevallo. John Paul Strong is the owner of Strong Automotive Merchandising.


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