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If you haven’t taken the time to do a thorough evaluation of your company’s Facebook page, then now is the right time to do so. Performing an honest appraisal of your page’s overall aesthetics, posting frequency and question/review response rate is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scoring your page’s efficacy.

This kind of analysis may seem overwhelming at first glance, but it’s really not. Facebook offers many different tools within your page to help you monitor all this information and provides other valuable features like:

Facebook Insights

Tracking the progress of posts and page performance is key. Page insights, manage promotions, actions on page, likes, followers, reach, post-performance, competitor comparison and audience insights are all right there on your page for analysis.

Call-to-Action Button

This is located at the top right under the cover photo. There are a ton of options to choose from, including learn more, shop now, contact us and get quote. All of these encourage trackable interaction and traffic.

Call to Action on Facebook

Page Promotion

For as little as $1 per day, you can acquire local and quality followers through page promotion. Not only does this feature increase likes, it also encourages page engagement.

Page Promotion

Post Scheduling

If you are currently using a third-party scheduling tool, then stop. You can actually schedule your posts on Facebook itself. It’s as easy as composing a post and then instead of clicking “publish,” selecting the down arrow next to it. You can access your scheduled post in the publishing tools tab at the top of the page. Facebook even offers the option of drafting posts to edit and scheduled later based on priority.

Facebook Post Scheduling

Similar Page Suggestions

Within the page settings, the similar page suggestions feature offers a free opportunity to be highlighted on someone’s timeline.


Looking for new team members? Facebook has recently added the capability to post job descriptions where the candidate can apply directly on Facebook itself. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!

Facebook Jobs


Whether it’s by promo code, online or in the store, Facebook encourages customers to claim the offer, then reminds them they have it. It’s easy to mimic current coupons on your website and promote locally.

These are just a few of many features your Facebook has that can help you monitor and maintain your social presence.

About the author

John Paul Strong: As owner of Strong Automotive Merchandising, a company that increases traffic up to 1,000% for dealerships, Strong lives by the simple concept that your attitude affects your success. Without a positive mind set he would not have been able to grow the company over the last decade from just 10 to over 80 full-time employees. The rapid growth is thanks to his ability to keep the company on the forefront of technology, market changes and an infectious talent to motivate and keep employees striving to fulfill their potential. His beginnings in direct mail gave him the tools and skills to develop incredibly successful marketing plans. From there he moved on to traditional forms of media and has now mastered the dynamic world of digital and social media advertising. With over 150 dealers to please, Strong takes a hands-on approach and personal attention to detail in all aspects of marketing strategies. His expertise in plan development gives him a keen sense on how to maximize a dealer’s budget and ultimately increase their bottom line. Strong is a passionate speaker in the automotive industry. He has authored two books on creating next day traffic. He graduated from the Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. Strong received a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Montevallo. He lives with his wife and three children in Homewood, Alabama.


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