Over 4.5 Million Dollars of Added Value

Super Charged Added Value

Sure, anyone can negotiate a 15 second added value TV spot that runs at 2:00 AM, but NO other automotive agency in the country does this for dealers.

We want to introduce you to Value Buying!

This is the Strong Automotive Merchandising version of Added Value. Like anything we do it’s the bigger, faster, more intense version of everything.

Here is how it works:

        1. We negotiate all media schedules with a minimum of 20% in added value. If your budget can buy 100 spots, we are getting 120. Period.


        2. Not only do we require it, we track it in a spreadsheet EVERY MONTH showing what ran, when it ran, and the value of what ran.


        3. The only added value we count towards Value Buying must run during premium viewing hours.


        4. When a station makes an error, we require a credit AND a make good 3 times the error value.


      5. Every invoice and post-buy report is audited for accuracy.


Our Value Buying has resulted in over $4.5 million dollars in additional media exposure for our clients.

Again, NO other agency does this for tier 3 dealers. If you want to know what separates the good from the great. It’s the details. The little extra percentage of effort that creates an incredible return.

As I like to say, “It’s rarely crowded on the extra mile!”

About the author

John Paul Strong: For 15 years he has worked solely at the dealer marketing level and has mastered all necessary skills to lead the company in the digital, traditional and direct contact forms of media. The last 12 years have been spent strictly working at the Tier 3 level growing the company to 70 employees and over 125 successful dealers nationwide. Strong works hands-on with most clients and has played a leadership role in all dealerships the company handles. His focus is to insure the traffic created is immediate and measured in car sales for clients. Both employees and clients find his attitude and attention to their business infectious and energizing. Strong is a nationally recognized speaker in the automotive industry, has authored two books on creating next day traffic and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s program on Executive Service Firms. He is also a firm believer that “attitude is everything” and that there is only minimal space between being good and being exceptional. Strong earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the University of Montevallo. John Paul Strong is the owner of Strong Automotive Merchandising.


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