Sell the Metal! Sell the Metal! Sell the Metal!

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Carmike Cinemas created ‘Stimulus Tuesday’ at theatres Nationwide to help with summer and fall movie attendance. Strong LLC, of Birmingham Alabama, with Mike Strong as the “official chaperone”, took the entire staff, friends and family to see THE GOODS: Live Hard. Sell Hard. in the first ever Strong Company Movie Night. Car people have referred to this movie as what could be the next USED CARS but employees of Strong really just wanted an excuse to goof off and watch a great movie.

The mantra of this movie was “I Sell Cars” which was the line used a least 2 dozen times by actor Jeremy Piven, but in the words of John Paul Strong… 

This is a great stress reliever for dealership employees around the country. Take your sales people and managers for what will make you really be proud of your chosen profession.

The Goods:  Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)
In a desperate attempt to save his rapidly failing used car dealership, Ben Selleck hires a crack team of “car mercenaries” to ramp up sales during the Fourth of July weekend. Led by the fast-talking, foul-mouthed, self-assured Don “The Goods” Ready (Jeremy Piven), the group has three days to sell over 200 cars. Ready and his ragtag crew descend on the town of Temecula like a pack of coyotes on a basket full of burgers. Selling, drinking, selling and going to strip clubs is their stock and trade. And they do it well.

Used Cars (1980)
Used car salesman Rudy Russo (Kurt Russel) needs money to run for State Senate, so he approaches his boss Luke. Luke agrees to front him the $10,000 he needs, but then encounters an “accident” orchestrated by his brother Roy, who runs the car lot across the street. Roy is hoping to claim title to his brother’s property because Roy’s paying off the mayor to put the new interstate through the area. After Luke disappears, it’s all out war between the competing car shops, and no nasty trick is off limits as Rudy and his gang fight to keep Roy from taking Luke’s property. Then Luke’s daughter shows up…

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John Paul Strong: As owner of Strong Automotive Merchandising, a company that increases traffic up to 1,000% for dealerships, Strong lives by the simple concept that your attitude affects your success. Without a positive mind set he would not have been able to grow the company over the last decade from just 10 to over 80 full-time employees. The rapid growth is thanks to his ability to keep the company on the forefront of technology, market changes and an infectious talent to motivate and keep employees striving to fulfill their potential. His beginnings in direct mail gave him the tools and skills to develop incredibly successful marketing plans. From there he moved on to traditional forms of media and has now mastered the dynamic world of digital and social media advertising. With over 150 dealers to please, Strong takes a hands-on approach and personal attention to detail in all aspects of marketing strategies. His expertise in plan development gives him a keen sense on how to maximize a dealer’s budget and ultimately increase their bottom line. Strong is a passionate speaker in the automotive industry. He has authored two books on creating next day traffic. He graduated from the Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. Strong received a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Montevallo. He lives with his wife and three children in Homewood, Alabama.


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