Friday Words of Wisdom: Be Creative

December 13, 2013 / Friday Words Of Wisdom /
Tacky Christmas - Strong Automotive

It never hurts to express your creative side, especially around the holidays.

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You Can’t Fight Santa Claus

December 17, 2012 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

Well here it is – the week that people talk about all year long. The week before Christmas is one where a lot of sales people and even their managers quit fighting and working as hard as normal. There’s a perception that you cannot fight Santa Claus this week, and people are more interested in buying things other than cars.

I think this line of thinking falls in the category of “Stinking Thinking.” Anyone who says these words or takes their foot off the gas this week is going to lose share and business. Whether or not you are advertising this week is irrelevant. Everything you’ve done, all the momentum that has been built throughout the year will carry you even if you are holding your budget to run between Christmas and New Year’s. The people who think this week will be lousy will probably be right because as we know most things in life are a function of attitude and this will most likely be a self-fulfilling prophecy for them.

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Happy Holidays From The Strong Family

December 14, 2012 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /
Happy Holidays From The Strong Family-1

The 45-member Strong family gathered for a Fiesta-themed luncheon today – complete with some very elaborately decorated holiday sombreros! It is the wish of our entire company…

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