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10 Most Interesting TV Spots of 2014 – Editors’ Choice – #4 in a series

TV Commerical by Strong Automotive for Hendrick Honda

“#1 Says It All TV Commercial produced by Strong Automotive for Hendrick Honda Bradenton

View #4 out of 10 for our editors’ picks of the most interesting spots of 2014.  The only criteria presented to our editing judges was to select production that stood out to them for a specific reason and then explain why.


Bradenton, FL

“#1 Says It All”

Editor’s Comments:

Very simply done, the goal of letting the market know ”we’re #1” is accomplished without a lot of noise.  There are times when the audio design of music and sound effects alone without voice-over can achieve the desired goal.  To our creative team, this style of edit worked perfectly for the three messages of this commercial:  #1 for new, #1 for certified and over 2200 vehicles available. Just the right amount of information put on-screen at a pace that engages the viewer to follow along and become informed without the usual fanfare reserved for these selling points.  This commercial is designated for what is called an “evergreen” schedule which means it can run anytime. So again the music track punctuated with sound effects will assist in recall of umbrella branding.  While we don’t suggest this style for sale events or limited-time incentive offers, the fact that this client IS #1 says it all.

Commercial:  HBB111401T attached

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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