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10 Years…

10 Years at Strong Automotive Merchandising

No flowers, no balloons, no crowd chant…  Just my favorite kind of day.  The day starts out in the office early getting meeting materials packed and ready to hit the road for the next few days and go visit clients.  The ironic thing and reason for the thought of fanfare is this is my 10th anniversary of when I started my company.

While the company has changed names a couple times in the last decade, originally started as Rogers & Strong, then was just Strong LLC and now Strong Automotive Merchandising, it has been an amazing journey.

The thing I love the most and what has taught me the most is “The People.”  Both employees and clients make running this kind of company the fun and sheer excitement that it has been.  Having a business where your only product to sell is one you create to me is the funnest business model that anyone can have.

Thanks to everyone who has made the last decade worth all the long flights, late nights, days away from my family and friends be as much fun as it has been.

To conclude – a little piece of history.

I save my daily task list that I make every morning so I can always look back for reference or just purely to reflect what I was doing on any given day. A few months ago I was looking for something and found the notecard from my first day with this company and laid it down side by side to my task list I made this morning.

The Checklist 10 Years Later

This makes me smile to think about how easy it was back before I had that much to do and how I love the challenges that a full schedule and calendar create for me on a daily basis.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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