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Why 20% of Your Budget Should Be Spent on Social Media and Display

Mobile Marketing

You’ve probably noticed in your Google Analytics that the percentage of mobile users continues to rise. This is because mobile is the first attainable technology product that every person young and old from every country is using as their digital communication device.

By 2020, nearly everyone will have a smartphone. Already, we are seeing that more Millennials own phones than toothbrushes or deodorant. Mobile is a vast opportunity to reach your customer. So, what’s the problem? You’ve probably already observed that your mobile traffic is not converting at the same rate as desktop. Social media, display, and video pre-roll are very inexpensive and have a tremendous ROI. That is why it is OK to drive more mobile traffic, as you are using it to continually gain exposure. Social media, display, and video pre-roll are the key to reaching these mobile customers. You should be spending at least 20 percent of your budget on advertising aimed at building your mobile audience.

Social Media Is a Magnet for Mobile Customers

The power of social media is the ability to create relationships and to build a community that bridges your offline and online worlds. The average person checks their phone 150-300 times a day. A majority of this time is checking their social media outlets. By building a social presence and advertising on social, you are able to put your name and values right in front of local potential clients.

You may be thinking that my dealership is already on Facebook and it’s not bringing me any traffic. If you are just spewing out promotional content, you are missing the point of social media. You should be providing images and content worth sharing. You should target influencers in your market, like businesses with lots of followers, popular local events, or highlight influential people.

You need to focus on what it will take to build a social community of followers and potential buyers. A great strategy will post often with varied content, respond to reviews, and engage with your community. The best part: Advertising on social media is relatively inexpensive and lets you segment your local community and preferred demographics.

Get Up Close and Personal with Mobile, Display, Video, and Pre-Roll

Since your customers always have their head in their phones, it’s best to display your advertising there. Display is great for brand awareness. However, it won’t necessarily lead to immediate sales. The purpose is to get your brand in front of potential clients at a very low cost per thousand. The more they see your logo and ads, the more likely they are to remember you. You can use behavioral targeting and geo-fencing to improve local leads by segmenting people closer to your business and who view sites with your same interests or values.

We all know YouTube is a main source of daily humor and knowledge. People are using YouTube to learn how to cook, to view their favorite cars, and to see what crazy things are going on in the world. Video and pre-roll advertising are a great way to reach your mobile customers as they are watching their favorite videos. You can advertise your message or specials in between and since the average American’s attention span is very short, smaller videos work more in your favor and are less likely to be skipped.

As time continues to pass, new effective avenues are emerging to drive digital traffic, and it is time to start budgeting accordingly.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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