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2016 Actionable Automotive Digital Marketing To Do List

2016 Automotive Digital Marketing To Do List

We’ve created a 2016 automotive digital marketing list of five useful, actionable and effective tips you can start using tomorrow. The best part is, you can start using any of these strategies with little to no training, special skills or investment.

Get a Responsive Website:

Responsive Dealer Website

Last April there was a lot of commotion about Mobilegeddon (Google’s Mobile Friendly algorithm update). You probably breathed a big sigh of relief after realizing your website is mobile friendly. But guess what? Being “mobile friendly” isn’t enough. If you don’t have a fully responsive website, you are on the wrong platform. This is the easiest and most important change you can make in 2016. Over 50% of the traffic to your website is using a device other than a desktop computer.

Ensuring there is consistent messaging, content and a good user experience can be the difference between making the list and being cut.

Start Marketing with Content:

Content Marketing

If you aren’t already using content to promote your website on a regular basis, you have some catching up to do. Start writing for yourself or have someone create content for your website right now. It’s no secret that search engines use content to index websites. You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer to get started either.

Begin with these subjects and then create your own voice as you get better.

  • Vehicle Reviews
  • Vehicle Comparisons
  • Service Information and Tips
  • “How To” for Specific Vehicle Options and Features
  • Industry, Make, Model News

The only rule is to get started.

Be Local, Buy Local:

Be Local

There is big push for supporting local businesses. Automotive dealers are local businesses and an important part of the community fabric. It’s time to start acting like it. You want to build a positive brand? Be a neighbor and a friend. Here are two extremely easy ways to get started:

  • Write about anything that pertains to your local community. You can use local news, a restaurant review or a personal experience with another local business. The more personal it is, the better the results.
  • Engage with people on social media and share your content. The more you talk about the people, businesses and news in your community, the more organic engagement you will get in return.

Engage Small Groups:

Engage Small Groups

This is taking your engagement to the next level. While big, broad groups are awfully tempting due to their numbers, they rarely give you the best ROI. Smaller more dedicated groups can be easier to connect with and will typically appreciate your interest and involvement.

Furthermore, their passion will be to the benefit of your brand. Take advantage by engaging with smaller more passionate interest groups and affiliates.

Video Marketing:

Easy Video Marketing

A few years ago this may have been more of a challenge, but today you are carrying around a HiDef video camera in your pocket (Check out YouTube Capture). Anyone can make a video at any time. Worried about poor production quality? Don’t. Check out the videos on YouTube. They aren’t winning Oscars, but they are getting views. Start small and try to make it personal.

Next steps…Pick the easiest strategy/tactic/change for you, your team or your agency to implement and go full steam ahead. The key with any of these automotive marketing strategies is to start. Don’t worry too much about planning it out or over thinking the process. Find someone who will own it and let ‘em run. Mistakes will happen, but you can deal with them, learn and move forward. It’s better for you to be doing any of these things half right than not doing them at all.

Be sure to tell us about your progress or Let us know if we left anything off the list!


by Robert Bokori

Robert Bokori

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