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Utilizing Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads in Your Digital Arsenal

Dynamic Remarketing on Facebook

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and adding new tools to help you target your customers in a more impactful way. That means that what was once an effective means of converting prospects into actual buyers in the digital world is likely to be replaced by the latest and greatest feature sooner rather than later.

The roll-out of Facebook’s Dynamic Remarketing Ad template last year is a true game changer for automotive clients. In fact, this ad format seems to have almost been custom made for car dealer needs. Here are a few reasons why Strong Automotive Merchandising recommends adding Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads to your digital arsenal:

Catalog/Inventory Based on Facebook

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads is that advertised products are drawn directly from your current inventory. You can set up the Dynamic Ad template to display a single product or multiple products. The vehicles displayed are based off a prospect’s visit to your website and what type of products they looked at while there.

Best of all, because the products displayed are being directly pulled from your inventory, when you sell the advertised vehicle – it won’t appear again in the Dynamic Ad.

Flexibility Is Key

You can utilize Dynamic Remarketing Ads in both News Feed and sidebar ads on Facebook. You also need only one template to run across mobile, desktop and tablet ad displays.

Details Matter

When you upload your vehicle inventory to Facebook to use in Dynamic Remarketing Ads, it goes far beyond just listing the year, make, model, and price. You can also input stock numbers, a detailed description of the vehicle with an aggressive call to action, and even the product category (e.g., used compact three-row crossover). This gives Facebook more data to hone in on exactly what your prospect is looking to purchase.

The Customer Is King

The most important aspect of Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads is that it provides a more personalized experience for your customer. The vehicles displayed are based off their demonstrated interests and website visits which means they’re much more likely to be relevant to their purchase intentions.

Ready to Dive into Dynamic Ads?

Strong’s digital marketing team is ready to implement Dynamic Remarketing Ads in your online marketing mix. Contact us if you’d like more details on all the benefits we’re finding with this ad strategy for our automotive clients.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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