EWORKSeCampaigns drive traffic by maximizing mass-market saturation.
Driving traffic means results and success for all of our clients.

eCampaigns by Eworks focus on specific customers. Our expert team of designers and writers create pieces that stand above the noise and clutter. Results for our clients are proven as we’ve brought them all into the top-selling store for their markets.

Program Information

  • Four email broadcasts are sent over two months, targeting thousands of active web shoppers
  • Every prospect’s email is hit twice over course of the campaign
  • Emails link directly to your website, generating an incredible amount of traffic
  • Delivery is guaranteed – emails are permission-based, double opt-in records

Measurable Results

  • Performance goals are based on the selected campaign level
  • Goal is met or broadcasts continue until goal is reached
  • Google Analytics tracks progress of broadcasts in real time, verifying traffic to site

Benefits of the Program

  • Communication with conquest prospects
  • Guaranteed performance goal based on conquest sales
  • Proof of delivery provided by Google Analytics

Geofencing: A Free Add-On to eCampaigns

Geofencing is a technical word for a simple concept: it’s all about setting virtual areas and capturing the information of prospects within.

We receive information for 4 types of prospects within our geofencing data:

  • Geolocation Visitors – Prospects who stepped foot on a dealer’s lot
  • High-Intensity Web Shoppers – Prospects who visited Cars.com, Autotrader, KBB.com or other automotive websites
  • Likely to Buy over the next 6 months – Prospects who are shopping the web for a vehicle at a lower intensity
  • In-market Shoppers - Prospects who are identified as being in-market based on their responses to
    questionnaires, form submissions, etc.

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