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Car Afficionados Get Artsy with their Passion

Car as Art
By Claire Martin of MSN Autos
 We’ve all seen cars emblazoned with flames or the occasional VW bus polka-dotted with peace signs, but there’s a whole subculture of people taking “personalization” a step further by turning their cars into legitimate art objects. They run the gamut from dragons to torpedoes to sharks to telephones, having been transformed by owners who consider the car a canvas rather than just a simple mode of transportation. They use paint, glue, caulk, sheet metal and screws — along with elements of “artistic” flair. This year, art-car aficionado Harrod Blank, curator of the recently opened Art Car World Museum in Douglas, Ariz., and author of the genre’s definitive guide, “Art Cars,” has produced a documentary film on the movement, “Automorphosis.”

Ripper the Friendly Shark (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Pico de Gallo (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Carthedral (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Daisy Singer (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Art the Lobster (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Leopard Bernstein (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Eelvisa (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Miss Vicky (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Draka the Dragon (Photography © Harrod Blank)

Magic City Golden Transit (Photography © Harrod Blank)

John Paul Strong

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