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Chevrolet Dealer Advertising

An individual Chevrolet dealer decides to order heavy in pickup trucks
and create exclusive options packages that cannot be found at the competition.

...some people have forgotten the old school tactic of creating vehicles
that have a higher perceived value based on the fact that these are exclusive
to a particular dealer and cannot be found elsewhere.


Sure some people will shop you and get a better price on a less equipped vehicle, but what about those customers who turn their mindset away from price and immediately start imaging their new vehicle and their own customization of it.

The great thing about this is it generally happens while they are standing in the showroom and that euphoric state of buying a vehicle takes over.

The other great thing is you drive more parts business by selling and installing these option items.

“Kill Two Birds with One Stone” – 
create something exclusive which separates you from other dealers and increase your parts sales.

Makes sense to me.

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