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Chevy vs. Ford


Get ready for a year-end truck war. It seems that reports on inventory from large regional selling Chevrolet and Ford Dealerships are coming in and both brands have dealers who are heavy and still receiving ‘09 product. What?!? With all the shortage in inventory, some Chevy and Ford dealers are seeing an abundance of F-Series and Silverado Pickups? That’s what they’re saying. Now some dealers will sell these vehicles as dealer trades keep the holdback and advertising credits, but for the ones who are ready for a fight… Get ready. Both Ford and Dodge are preparing for October to be Truck Month… and we know GM will not be far behind.

It is a head-to-head prize fight and the winner gets what everyone wants…  More Market Share and the Gross Profit generated from full size truck sales. That will make the winter seem a little warmer to some.


John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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