Customer Experience - Price and Trust

It would be safe to say 99% of all dealership websites reference providing the best customer experience in their About Us section. But before you can chalk up a web visitor as a customer, you have to close them on a vehicle which results in a sale.

To be at your best in handling online inquiries, let me first build a word with the letters in “experience”: PRICE

No matter how you present your online price, your response process to the customer must be consistently clear in stating what that price represents. The overall feeling of the shopper must be transparency; if they even sniff that they are being misled because of vague answers, it is end-game.

What you must cultivate is this word using letters in “customer”:  TRUST

It is the price process on the sales end and the feeling of trust on the customer end that are critical to closing the deal. This leads to customer testimonial responses like, “They made me feel comfortable” and to beginning another customer experience.

About the author

John Paul Strong: As owner and CEO of Strong Automotive Merchandising, John Paul Strong brings more than two decades of advertising experience to the table. He is the author of Next Day Traffic and leader of 100+ employees servicing more than 230 clients across the country. In 2018, John Paul was listed in the Birmingham Business Journal's Top CEO Awards and 2013's Top 40 Under 40.


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