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Customer Service Index Suffers from Cash for Clunkers


When you cram a ton of traffic into dealerships that are lean on salespeople, managers and delivery people guess what happens… CSI Scores suffer.

When you send domestic owners to an import dealership or import owners to a domestic dealership guess what happens… CSI Scores suffer.

Why does this happen? Dealerships were over run during cash for clunkers, sales people were scrambling to get all their deals covered and delivered and people were pushed in and out of the dealership faster then they probably wanted to be. You also brought in different customers to different franchise stores than they were use to going to. All this spells lower CSI Scores which can affect co-op credit and standing with the manufacturer.

A couple ways to overcome:

GM/Owner – make personal calls, emails to some of the customers who bought and invite back in for a personal tour of the facility and to meet the staff.  Come on – it’s not that many people and few will take you up on it, but all will appreciate the gesture.

Thank You Note – print thankyou notes, cards and mail/address to all customers who bought during this time. This is the extra mile but it is seldom crowded.

New Owner Clinics – these need to be handled to perfection. For the dealers who already do them, make sure this months are the best that you have ever done.  For the dealers who don’t do them, time to think about starting them.

Just a couple of items to help preserve CSI… Remember Carl Sewell wrote about “Customers For Life”  this applies to clunker customers too.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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