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Dealership Display and Point of Sale Materials

They say EVERYTHING’S BIGGER IN TEXAS and I believe they are right. Dealerships are BIGGER, the trucks get BIGGER, even the people look BIGGER. But the one thing that stands out are the dealership signs, and point of sale materials at some of these ginormous showrooms.

Neon signs, streamers, banners from one end of a front lot to the other. Painted URL addresses on the side of a body shop, larger than life posters in a showroom, light pole signs. This is the territory for promoters and like none other you see in the country.

Kind of a wakeup call to all in our industry (and to the guy who still has a Toyotathon Banner in his showroom from December, or a Chevy Presidents Day Sale Banner up from February). Dress your physical space for success and success may come knocking.

People like to do business where business is being done. Make sure you look like you are open or business may pass you by.

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