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Did You Know?

According to Reuters, the SAAR rose in November to 15.54 million which comes in just shy of the pre-recession number of 15.55 million in January of 2008. For those of you who are not thinking and planning for 2013 to be a 15 million new car year, I believe you are making a mistake.

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Another great point that this article made was that the average transaction price of NEW vehicles rose by one percent from October to November to be $30,832. I have not paid attention to this number in more than a year, but it’s interesting to see the average transaction price rising during a quarter when new vehicle sales generally decline in the third quarter.

When polling a couple of dealers regarding how much attention they pay to the average NEW vehicle transaction price, it was shocking that nobody knew the number, or even the price range. If you want to stay ahead in this industry then you must remember that it’s important to be aware of vehicle transaction prices from month to month.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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