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Digital Sense of Urgency

John Paul Strong

As a member of the Colorado Automobile Dealer Association (CADA), I had the privilege earlier this month of leading a break-out session during the Innovative Dealer Summit. The topic for our session was Results Driven Digital Marketing Strategy. As someone who years ago would joke about Internet experts as being “the smartest guys in the room”, that was me – at least for an hour or so.

I talk with hundreds of owners and managers every month and the Internet is by no means a laughing matter, in truth the mood is an intensified digital sense of urgency. Just as your BDC efforts have taken on new relevance, our Digital Marketing Department at Strong is growing in size and marketing involvement.

Internet marketing is at critical mass, far beyond pictures and prices of your inventory available for shopping 24/7. Today you can reach existing and potential customers and offer sales, service, financing – literally every process that had been confined to the physical dealership – and generate traffic with more continuity and certainty of quality per dollar spent throughout the full cycle.

The shotgun approach is history. I could go on and on detailing the turning points for eliminating what we see as keys to take the guesswork out of traffic generation. The frame below from my PowerPoint presentation shows Strong’s Top 10 for Success. By clicking the following link you can request the entire report for in-depth topic highlights:

What do I mean by a digital sense of urgency? Let me remind you that Google once again changed the parameters for rankings on April 15 – not minor changes, but major!

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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