We call direct mail and email Direct Contact. In a world where new forms of media and avenues for reaching buyers show up every day, there’s still one way to ensure we are reaching qualified buyers for your products.

Direct Contact continues to deliver the highest return on investment for our dealers and the lowest dollar-per-car spending. The core components to a successful Direct Contact campaign are:

Direct Mail: Strong Automotive Merchandising uses strategic planning and database management to target existing customers who are more likely to respond to offers that appeal specifically to them.

Direct Mail Solutions for Dealerships
One of the most effective ways to reach people is still through their physical mailbox using direct mail. This targeted approach allows our dealers to execute a more effective marketing plan in conjunction with a broad media approach.

Here are a few key facts about our campaigns:

  • 6+ million pieces of mail delivered annually
  • Owner body customer retention and conquest targetability
  • Immediate traffic-generating response
  • Standard mail pieces can be in homes within one week of receiving client request

In-House Data Mining

Strong Automotive Merchandising wholly owns Prospect Vision, one of the original equity mining software companies in the automotive industry. Our dealers have the privilege of using this tool and software at no additional cost.

eCampaign: Saturation eBlasts to hundreds of thousands of potential car buyers in a market enable our dealers to silently attract buyers with minimal expense.

eMarketing Solutions for Dealerships
Strong Automotive Merchandising produces eCampaigns that focus on specific customers. Our expert team of designers and writers create pieces that stand above the noise and clutter. Results for our dealers are proven as we’ve brought them all into the top-selling store for their markets.

eCampaigns are used to drive traffic by maximizing mass-market saturation.

  • Mass-market saturation in multiple deployments
  • Google Analytics measures website traffic
  • eCampaigns can be delivered in one day, assuming compliance approval

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