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Direct Marketing

nteresting comment from a 30-year dealer who has made millions of dollars by selling tens of thousands of cars… I asked him today how many times he sent mail – either sales or service mail to his owners. He said in a cocky tone, “Once a quarter, whether I need to or not.” (He was referring to a program that his GM had put him on that mails once a quarter through a third party CRM provider.) I wish I had this dealer’s money with my sense. I would send a letter of some kind to my owners (especially if there were tens of thousands of them) with some reason to come into my dealership every month whether they came or not!

Mail is a function of the size of the market and every American still checks their mailbox. It is an impression, and when you are spending money to make all the impressions that you can – I would invest mine in one that generally lands on the kitchen counter, which is where 68% of all Americans place their mail when they first walk in the door.

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