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Evaluating the Competition’s Digital Processes

Shopping on a cell phone

In the digital realm, new surveys seemingly come out every day and the numbers continue to climb no matter what they are measuring.

Below are some new figures I came across in a recent article where Search Optics analyzed data from the US Mcommerce 2015: eMarketer’s Forecast and Trends:

  • S. retail mobile market is expected to generate $76.9 BILLION in sales this year
  • 71% of those surveyed said they are influenced by digital marketing campaigns
  • 47% of car shoppers used their phones to “showroom shop”
  • 51% use mobile devices to research prices, payments, and offers
  • 29% use mobile devices to look up inventory information
  • Mobile accounts for more than 35% of a dealer site’s unique visitors
  • More than half of the statistic above are Millennials

The percentages just keep climbing, no doubt a sign of the times. Go to any shopping mall and you’ll see everyone is thumbing their phone, and even to me they look young. This got me thinking about a unique way to secret shop your competition’s digital processes and to evaluate your own – offer a Perception Perk!

An exit survey of sorts, it could be a questionnaire or even an interview between the customer, who was a mobile or wired shopper, and a BDC staffer. No doubt today’s youthful techies are opinionated about what is cutting edge, what is cool, what caught their eye, and most of all, which site and site responses stood out for being unique. The gift to the customer could be a parts department gift certificate, free satellite radio for 3 months or Best Buy gift card. Something attuned to their desires and mentality.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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