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Ford Dealer Motivates His Sales Force

Below is an email that I received from one of my dealers, Ronnie Watkins.


 Just thought I would take a few seconds to share a few web sites with you to send to our customers and friends. All employees of Ronnie Watkins Ford should share the good news and great things we have going for us. So many people out of concern and caring for us ask, “How are you doing?” Well let’s be that beacon of light and hope by spreading some great news! We are doing great and we expect do even better! Our customers and friends have determined our success and let’s take the time to say a big THANK YOU! It has been them telling others from all over to come here do their service work and purchase from us. Why? Because of Ronnie Watkins employees that work hard to exceed the customers’ expectations!

 1.   This is about us, our company and what is happening with us right now. As all of you know, because of great employees like you and our strong customer base, we continue to be one of the most dominant dealerships in marketing share in America! Our customers continue to amaze me in their loyalty to us by encouraging everyone they know to buy from us! It is our customers who lead the way in outselling all makes and models including the “foreign” competition from other countries. USA! USA!

2.   This is about Ford Motor Company, the company that put the World on Wheels! How Ford is doing right now and avoiding “bailout money” or a bridge loan from the government. Hear some of our executives as they share the future of Ford. Take a look at the new models and technology that is coming to Ronnie Watkins Ford showroom. I have seen our future and our future looks bright! 

3.   This is a very important web page. This is not just about Ford, but about the American auto industry and facts you may not know about the value of the AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY as it relates to you and your country’s better interest. This is about General MotorsChrysler and the foreign competition. It is a fair and balanced observation. I think you will find enlightening. 

With all challenges become a lot of opportunities for those who promote the good in what we do and why we do it!
running with ronnie button
I would ask each of you to forward this e-mail to your friends, family members and other people you may know. They need to be encouraged also. 

We need to let them know that at Ronnie Watkins Ford business is good. It is good business to do business where business is good!

Ronnie Watkins
Ronnie Watkins Ford
Gadsden, Alabama


John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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