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Google’s New Hummingbird Update

Google Hummingbird Update - Strong Automotive

Google has a new search algorithm called Hummingbird, the largest update since 2001. The Hummingbird update is a natural progression for the Knowledge Graph (example below). It combines Google’s search capabilities with the interesting and invaluable information provided by Knowledge Graph.

As search evolves, becomes more semantic and voice search becomes more prevalent, Google is attempting to identify entire questions, rather than the individual keywords or phrases in a search query. It considers the whole sentence and then looks for the most relevant results. In other words, Google is trying to better serve a question like, “where is the best place to buy a Toyota Tundra in Birmingham.”

What does this mean for your marketing campaigns? Make sure you are creating custom, insightful content aimed at answering long-tail keyword questions. The more the better. If you have been copying content from other sources or writing thin content, the Hummingbird update has been trained to devalue or ignore this type of content, and it’s time to rethink your strategy.


by Robert Bokori

Robert Bokori

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