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Know Your Customers’ Needs to Offer Them The Best Value

Ford’s latest move is a game-changer: ditching the auto-park feature. It’s a bold reminder for all industries – what customers really want matters most.

At Ford’s 2023 earnings call, a surprising fact came to light. After examining data from connected vehicles, Ford discovered that hardly anyone used the parallel parking assist feature. This realization led to its removal, saving the company around $10 million annually. Ford’s COO, Kumar Ghalhotra, highlighted this as part of Ford’s effort to trim and enhance their lineup to better meet consumer demands.

This move by Ford serves as a valuable lesson for all businesses, especially auto dealers, on the power of customer-focused decision-making backed by data. Here’s what we can learn:

Tailor Your Inventory to Customer Preferences

Just like Ford analyzed usage data to streamline its features, dealers can use customer feedback and sales data to adjust their inventory. Focus on vehicles and features most in demand in your area, potentially increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Adapt Marketing Messages Based on Insights

Ford’s decision underscores the importance of understanding customer needs. Use data to craft marketing messages that highlight the most appreciated features of your vehicles. If your data shows that safety features are a top priority for your customers, for instance, emphasize these in your advertising.

Stay Agile in Sales Strategies

Ford’s readiness to discontinue an underused feature demonstrates flexibility. Similarly, be ready to pivot your sales strategies based on customer feedback and trends. If a particular promotion isn’t resonating, don’t hesitate to try something new.

Focus on Customer Experience

Ford reallocating resources towards features that customers value is a lesson in prioritizing customer experience. In the dealership, this means not just selling cars, but creating an environment and offering services that make the buying process as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.

Communicate Changes Effectively

Ford’s transparency about feature changes is a model for communication. When changes occur within your dealership or in the vehicles you sell, be clear and upfront about them. This builds trust and helps manage customer expectations.

How Strong Automotive Can Help

Ford’s strategy, driven by customer usage data, highlights the importance of aligning your offerings with what customers actually want and need. By leveraging insights from data, emphasizing valued features in your marketing, adapting to customer feedback, and communicating effectively, dealerships can enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales. In today’s competitive market, understanding and meeting customer needs is not just beneficial – it’s crucial. Reach out to Strong Automotive for strategies that can help you better connect with your customers and stand out in the automotive industry.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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