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Save the Date

So you set a date each month to have your previous month closed, your managers’ meeting, your advertising meeting, your district manager or zone rep in, you have a date to hit your fast start objective, your chamber meeting, the rotary club and usually allow a day or two for a game of golf. You set your entire life around a 30-day mentality but there is one thing that I promise nobody who is reading this blog saves a date for each month… The date to have someone in your dealership, your automotive advertising agency or your  local marketing partners scour the internet searching sites like You TubeMyspaceFacebook or other social networking forums looking for derogatory or inflammatory videos or comments about an experience or a person in your dealership. On a monthly basis, Strong employees pour through these pages and sites using keyword search terms and our dealers names and locations looking for erroneous content and using our knowledge of the web and power with the internet to remove these items.

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No will we catch every one? Probably not – but will we find all the ones in high traffic areas and notify the dealer or general manager and remove the content? We do it all the time. The goal of this blog is to inform you, so consider yourself informed… The days of people talking behind your back are over. The days of them talking about you ‘to any nut online’ are here and people listen; word will travel extremely fast. Your bad deeds and bad perception will travel 10 times faster and be more widespread than any good deed you can ever do. Make sure that someone is watching or checking the social network sites of the world for your dealership. One video can cost you thousands of potential buyers and millions of potential dollars. The saddest part is, you may never even know that it is happening.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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