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Scrap Yards Get Busy Crushing Clunkers

Auto recyclers hope to make profit; effects on market uncertain

Exerpt from Eve Tahmincioglu, contributor

Jim Biggs, yard supervisor at B&F Towing Co. in New Castle, Del., is getting ready to destroy a 1997 green Nissan Pathfinder SUV that looks in pretty good shape except for some wear and tear.

“They’re nicer than what we’re used to crushing,” said Biggs. He climbed into a front-end loader and drove over to the Pathfinder to take it on its final journey to a giant compactor known as a “car crusher.”

The government’s hugely popular “Cash for Clunkers” program is keeping B&F and other scrap yards across the country busy crushing roadworthy vehicles and sending them on for shredding.

Death of a car… Tracing the junking of a ‘clunker’ video

John Paul Strong

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