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Size Matters

Internet Advertising

As noted in Automotive News – March 16th 2009 – page 30. Web sites now need to be compatible and designed to convert to sizing for iPhone and Smart Phones. With more and more people shopping on weekends, the need to pull out a laptop or go home to check another price is over. You could even have people checking another dealers inventory and getting a price quoted to them online while standing in your dealership! Just makes you sick to think about, you spend the advertising money to bring traffic to your lot, to your dealership and they are shopping you while they sit their taking your salespersons time and effort.

So here is the solution: 

Make sure that your website provider has apps that allow your site to be compatible for a iPhone / Smart Phone in order to make your site most accessible to all who surf the web. That way you are more likely to have people shopping you from another dealers lot than vice versa.  

Internet traffic seems to drop off on the weekend in most stores because that is when people who have been shopping all week are out doing their legwork. Make sure you are doing everything you can to catch all web traffic as possible and make everything they find easy to navigate.

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