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Social Media’s BIG 3: Facebook / Linked in / Twitter

Demographic Profiles of the largest and most commonly used social media sites for dealers.

  • 325 million people actively using Facebook regularly
  • Number two traffic site behind Google
  • 50% of them are on at least once daily
  • 42% males
  • 55.7% females
  • 150 million on Facebook at least daily
  • 2/3 outside of college
  • 70% over age 21
  • Average age is 26
  • 35-54 age group growing fastest, accelerating to a 276.4%
  • Growth rate over the past six months, and this number is doubling exponentially every six months
  • Adults 55 and older grew at a rate of 194.3% over the same period
  • Average member has a circle of 130 friends
  • 20 million users update their status at least once a day
  • 8 billion minutes are spent each on Facebook, more than Google or Twitter
  • There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices
  • People who use Facebook on their mobile devices are almost 50% more active than non-mobile users!

With 50 million active users – regardless of the differences in projections among researchers – this is by far the most professional, affluent, best-educated, adult-oriented online social network. This is the professional and executive audience that is traditionally most elusive and hardest to reach.

  • Average age – 41
  • 50 million active users
  • 50% of users in the USA
  • Household income average – $110,000
  • 64% male
  • 80% college graduate
  • 24% net worth exceeding $250K
  • 49% executive decision-makers
  • 26% company larger than 100 employees

Twitter, micro-blogs: 140 characters or less.

Twitter users tend to be the mobile, wireless, tech-savvy crowd with more than 80% of them receiving the Internet through handhelds (20%) and wireless laptops. These are people you’re generally not going to reach with other mediums.

With new technology devices (iPhone, Blackberry Storm, Samsung, etc.) you will find 3G and 4G technology bringing high-definition video and sound to the handheld. The quality of the message and communication is incredible.

  • Median age of a Twitter user is 31.
  • Twitter gives you the ability to create viral conversation and pass live links to video or websites (in 140 characters or less).
  • 88% of all corporations have a presence on Twitter.
  • 60% of Twitter users abandon the account in the first month.
  • Twitter’s retention rate is only 40% compared to MySpace and Facebook, which enjoy a 70% user retention rate (Twitter quitters).
  • However, Twitters year-over-year improvement hit a staggering 3,712 percent despite dropouts.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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