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Staying In Front Of Customers Who Aren’t In-Market

Modern vehicles are built to last. While there’s obvious value in a product that will function for years, that means that dealers have to wait out a long purchase cycle before they see previous customers again. It’s easy to fall out of sight, out of mind with drivers who aren’t currently in the market, but there are steps you can take to stay on their radar. Incorporate these techniques into your marketing to be first on their mind when they need a new car.

Appear in Their Mailbox and Their Inbox

Holidays offer built-in occasions to send non-sales-oriented greetings, and sending cards or letters to celebrate birthdays and other events can be a polite, passive reminder of your presence within their community. If you learn news about a customer’s professional achievements, a letter of congratulations would show that you’ve taken an interest in their success as well. These notes don’t necessarily lead to any call to action, however, so there’s more you can do with your emails and letters. Sending out a monthly email newsletter can keep your customers up to date on the automotive market as well as happenings around your dealership and community. A digital newsletter is also a great avenue for links back to your dealership site, and you can add in calls to action, surveys, and other opportunities for referrals and engagement.

Reach Out

It’s worth noting that your email will be competing with the barrage of other messages your customers receive each day, but there’s still a way to reach out directly even if that email goes unread. Making time to call past clients can make a positive impression if the call is handled with tact and consideration. The goal is to be informative, not intrusive, so when you reach your past customers, it’s important to have a reason for the call. Just calling to say “hi” won’t come across as natural, and calling them to make a sale likely won’t be received well. Have a purpose for picking up the phone, and have a clear message prepared. It could be relevant to current events, taxes and finances, or another subject where your expertise and insight could benefit them.

Connect on Social Media

Your dealership doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s a part of your community, and you can engage with your neighbors through social media to increase visibility, engagement, and ultimately traffic as well. Social media is a truly unique venue for reaching your customers, as it allows you to stay in front of them where they naturally go for info and entertainment each day. By posting and communicating regularly, you can foster healthy relationships with customers and local businesses and reinforce your role as an active community member.

Community-Focused Social Marketing

If you want to create meaningful engagements with customers right where they go every day, Strong Automotive Merchandising has the expertise necessary to spark high-value connections. Through our community social media program, we can increase awareness of your business by promoting the community features, events, and topics that matter to your audience. We can also monitor your social engagement and feedback to fine-tune a strategy that works within your specific community. For more marketing insights, subscribe to Next Day Traffic.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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