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The Strong Virtual Marketing Series is our monthly video series where we discuss all the latest updates in the automotive marketing world.

SVMS Top Takeaways This Year

Join us as we revisit the top advancements and trends that have shaped our industry over the past 12 months.

SVMS Effective Calls-to-Action

Your website’s CTA stack should be neat, concise, and aimed at simplifying the user journey. Learn how to convert your clicks into increased sales and improve customer connections.

SVMS New SEO Reporting

It’s important to see exactly what you’re getting when it comes to SEO. That’s why our team developed a new SEO insights tool to give you an inside look at your results.

SVMS Get 3x More Clicks

Let’s dive into the power of video ads and the three video orientations that can supercharge your dealership’s web presence.

SVMS Google’s Game-Changing Updates

Learn about three key updates that Google announced last month: Performance Max (PMax) and Vehicle Ads (VAs); Demand Gen; and YouTube Select.

SVMS Google Analytics 4

With the switchover deadline for GA4 behind us, we look at some of the opportunities and challenges this enhanced analytics platform brings to dealers.

SVMS The Streaming Trifecta

Discover which streaming platforms cover the largest audience. We use a combination of YouTube TV,, and Hulu to saturate your DMA and provide accountability for your ad dollars.

SVMS Choose the Best Attribution Model

Get a more accurate picture of your marketing performance with Data-Driven Attribution. Learn how this model works, and discover its benefits for your dealership’s ad budget.

SVMS Google Premier Partner

Working with a Google Premier Partner gives you advanced access to the latest products in digital marketing.

SVMS YouTube TV at the Local Level

Learn about the pros and cons of advertising on YouTube TV at the DMA level.