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Case Study: Effect of YouTube TV on Sales Goals


Bentley Hyundai drives 99% more sales within a 5-month period using 50% less budget by running on YouTube TV.

The Challenge

Bentley Hyundai is the #1 volume Hyundai dealership in North Alabama and a proud, family owned and operated business in the Huntsville DMA. Feeling the challenges that resulted from an influx of inventory, Bentley Hyundai needed to reach the entire Huntsville DMA without having a Network TV budget.

The Approach

Bentley Hyundai decided to experiment with YouTube TV as an alternative to purchasing Network TV in the Huntsville DMA. Impressions ran across top reaching networks including FOX News, MSNBC, ESPN, CNN, TBS and TNT. On average 99% of impressions were served on TV screens with a 98.50% view rate.

The Results

After the first month of running on YouTube TV, sales increased by 39%. Bentley Hyundai increased budget by 200% the following month. By then end of 5 months, Bentley Hyundai’s sales increased by 99%. Although many factors played in to the success of BHY’s growth, YouTube TV was the perfect addition to effectively and efficiently reach viewers in the Huntsville market.


Increase in Sales


Less Budget

YouTube TV has let us advertise a branding message to the full Huntsville DMA to drive traffic to our store from throughout North Alabama in a cost effective way.
~Jeremy Johnson, General Manager, Bentley Hyundai

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