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Trends, Unique Circumstances and Seasonal Opportunities: Part 3 of 3


This is the third installment addressing situations that you need to be aware of as a dealer, especially heading into what we are calling a “Fantastic 5 Saturday June.”  We’ve discussed keeping abreast of trends like the most researched used vehicles and having them posted as “Vehicle Specials” on your website.  As well as unique circumstances that can come out of major weather such as tornadoes or flooding and reaching out to those in need of vehicle assistance.

Seasonal opportunities can be a broad topic, but here in June allow me to reference a couple of marketing thoughts beginning with holidays. If you are a store located in a community with a military base or significant military presence, this past Memorial Day was an opportunity to reach out to the community in a special way. July 4th is another great time to show your support for the military. In fact, I have seen stores get a real bump when offering specials for military personnel.  A dealer put it very simply when she said, “These are the people who are trained to pass it on!” That’s why it’s important to keep the military in mind next time you schedule a holiday sales event.

One other seasonal opportunity is to make sure your customers are in the loop for service department specials related to the climbing temperatures. Remind them of the importance to have their vehicle serviced before they are behind the wheel of a car that has little to no air driving through congested traffic and it starts overheating.

If you follow these points of emphasis you are capable of elevating your dealership’s presence in the community as well as added sales or service.

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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