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You’re ‘Polling’ My Leg

Online Surveys and Car Buying

Whether it is a political poll or an automotive shopper’s poll, the biggest variable is the involvement level of the people being surveyed. They might like a candidate, but do they vote? And as a potential car buyer, are they credit qualified and where are they in the process?

The 2016 AudienceSCAN survey conducted by SalesFuel is a perfect example to make me question the responses versus reality.

One section focused on why shoppers would purchase a new vehicle in the next year. The top 5 reasons:  27.3% want the new model; 21% have a problem with their current vehicle; 20% needed an additional vehicle; 13.7% wanted a safer vehicle and 8.3% would buy because the deal or incentive is too good to pass up. In the 8.3% group, the comment was added, “It’s not incentives that are driving them to dealer lots.”

Every poll represents opinions, but the reality seen in the market movement prompted by 20% off offers, 0% for 72 month financing for the first time on several brands’ most popular vehicles and even $0 down Sign & Drive packages cannot be overlooked. Our dealers who stepped up and promoted these offers had huge success within their respective Summer Clearance themes.

The people surveyed may have been thinking about buying, but shoppers deep in the cycle saw the savings and responded. This is why you promote the right message at the right time, no matter what the survey says.

Acknowledgement to:

Auto Remarketing “What prompts car shoppers to buy & choose your store” August 29, 2016


by John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong

John Paul Strong combines his two decades of automotive marketing experience with a team of more than 150 professionals as owner and CEO of Strong Automotive.

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