Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well

Direct Mail Marketing

We live in the age of technology where it’s easy to fall into the new trend or tech that comes out. From my experience, if…

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Credit Based Car Buyers

Car Loan

The more I read about negative equity the more apparent it is just how large the pool of vehicle buyers are completely under water in…

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Want IT More Every Day!

July 1, 2013 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

The countdown to football season is in full swing with it only being a couple months away. That being said, many direct parallels can be…

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Short-Term Success: Steady as She Goes Part 2

May 29, 2013 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

This is part 2 of a three part series that asks the question “Do we need to change up the plan? Read part 1 here….

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The Power of the Mailbox Revisited

January 14, 2013 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

Last Thursday I wrote about pulling buyers down the purchase funnel faster with direct mail and noted an overall decline in the number of mail…

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