Ford Shows Why Hybrids Aren’t Nearly as Efficient as We Think

June 19, 2014 / Automotive /
Ford Hybrids - Strong Automotive

Ford (F) is doling out some extra gas money to almost 200,000 of its hybrid customers, because the vehicles aren’t quite as efficient as the…

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GM barnstorms top truck market

June 27, 2013 / Internet / 0 Comments /

from Automotive News Chevrolet launched a grassroots promotional romp through Texas last week, the start of its marketing campaign for the redesigned 2014 Silverado. Chevy’s…

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More Problems for Ford?

December 10, 2012 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

I talked about Ford’s recall trouble a couple of days ago. Now it seems like Ford may be in hot water with the Environmental Protection Agency. Highlights…

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Ford Racks Up the Most Recalls

December 7, 2012 / John Paul Strong / 0 Comments /

Even though Ford has had incredible brand resurgence and the F-Series has been the number one selling truck for the last 35 years, they are…

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