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Case Study: Effect of Consistent Direct Mail on Market Share


Lexus of Wesley Chapel increases return on mail by 132% and adds 463 new customers using trackable, targeted direct mail campaigns.

The Challenge

This store is only 5 years old. Tampa Bay Lexus was a well established store, that people knew was there. With them being located close to each other, it was important to make the community at large be aware that Lexus of Wesley Chapel was there.

The Approach

We put together a mail strategy that ensured we are consistently mailing all Lexus owners in specific geo buckets to grow their customer base and build awareness of the dealership’s convenient location. Sales mail goes to all customers and potentials almost every month and is followed up with an eblast. Service mail also goes to all customers and potentials every month. We include an oil change offer that provides a bigger discount to locations further from the store to increase growth of their service customer base.

The Results

Four years into this sustained direct mail campaign, Lexus of Wesley Chapel has seen a 132% increase in percent of return on mail, and added 463 records to their customer base, an increase of about 3%. Consistency has been the biggest part of their success.


Mail Return Increase


New Customers

Strong Automotive has led us in a winning direction through their proven philosophy of consistency and strategic messaging in direct mail. We have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success because of our partnership!
~Randy Newbold, General Manager, Lexus of Wesley Chapel

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