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Case Study: Effect of Paid Social Ads on Fixed Ops


Garden State Honda drives VDP views and Fixed Ops performance with Dynamic Paid Social ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The Challenge

Confronted with limited inventory, Garden State Honda made necessary budgetary reductions, which subsequently impacted their performance metrics. Despite these constraints, there remained a need to drive increased traffic to VDPs and to generate a higher volume of leads.

The Approach

By implementing Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA), Strong strategically targeted in-market users on social media, presenting them with vehicles tailored to their search preferences. Leveraging a combination of AIA catalog, and dynamic Lead Gen ads we have been able to cost effectively drive VDP views and concrete leads, while remaining within Garden State’s reduced budget.

The Results

As a result of this strategic shift to dynamic Lead Gen and AIA, Garden State observed a 34% uplift in CTR (Click-Through Rate) and a notable 62% decrease in CPC (Cost-Per-Click) YOY from May-Oct ’21 to May-Oct ’22. Lead Gen ads were able to stabilize with this switch in December ’22, and drove the cost of leads down to a $2.45 average. Furthermore, the integration of Traffic-optimized Service carousel ads in April ’22 boosted Garden State’s Impressions and Reach, leading to consistent enhancements in their Fixed Ops performance, driving their most successful month yet in July ’23.


CTR Uplift


CPC Decrease

Through the use of Facebook AIA, Strong Automotive has provided us a new continuous source of leads and created a significant lift in VDP views on our website every month. With an average cost of $3 per lead and less than $1 per click, it is one of the most cost effective campaigns we run. This has been a great addition to our marketing strategy.
~Wayne Hall, Dealer Manager, Garden State Honda

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