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Case Study: Effect of Media Campaign on Rebranding


Champion increased website traffic by 300% and generated $15 million in revenue with a successful Media Campaign in the metro Detroit market.

The Challenge

Champion had acquired new dealerships in recent years and had renamed them under Champion Auto Group. However, consumers at large were unaware that they had seven convenient locations with seven different brands.

The Approach

A branding campaign was created to rebrand the group with a consistent feel and message. A full funnel Media Plan, including Cable, Network TV, Radio, and OTT Streaming, was utilized to launch this change and announce it in the market.

The Results

One year later, the increase in Media spend, combined with the investment in a household name spokesperson, attracted a great deal of attention in the market. It led to an almost 300% increase in website traffic year over year, across all rooftops, and revenue grew to over 15 million.


Website Traffic Increase


Revenue Generated

In looking for a spokesperson, Strong cultivated and negotiated with Danica Patrick Inc. for her services and they delivered. The Danica campaign has grabbed the attention of our customers and competitors.
~Dean Gauthier, Vice President, Champion Automotive Group

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